Welcome to Divine Providence Catering Services.  We provide kosher meals to hotels, restaurants and institutions.

If you are going on vacation in Newport, Rhode Island, Cape Cod or anywhere in New England jump to our Hotel / Restaurant menu by clicking here, don’t forget to add Challah or grape juice  to your order. All orders must be confirmed one week in advance.

Divine Providence is sure that you will find our services exciting, professional, and enjoyable.  We are committed to ensuring that you as our customer receive the product and service that you require, and we are happy to accommodate any special needs or requests.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about how we can help you with your kosher needs.

Kosher Certification

The Word Kosher has many meanings:
Proper, Legitimate, Genuine, Authentic, Trustworthy, and of Highest Quality.
Traditionally, Kosher describes Jewish Dietary Laws.

Everything at Divine Providence Catering Services is certified Kosher.

Divine Providence Catering is certified Glatt Kosher by Rhode Island Kosher.

About Divine Providence

Divine Providence Catering began with Executive Chef Daren Bulley’s vision of presenting high quality kosher food that is a wonderfully alive and rich taste experience.

About Chef Daren

Executive Chef Daren Bulley

Divine Providence is the inspiration and passion of owner and executive chef Daren Bulley.  Chef Daren began cooking professionally at age 15 and has since honed his skills and cooking philosophy at some of the finest institutes and establishments, studying under some of the world’s most renowned chefs such as Sorin Arnoldi, Emeril Lagasse, and Stefan Eitan.  Chef Daren attended Johnson & Wales University, where he excelled in the study of international, classical French, and Indian cuisines, as well as baking and pastry.  After working in the banquet department for several hotels and then serving as Executive Chef at Sid Weiner & Sons, Chef Daren was inspired to start his own full-service kosher catering company.  His goal was simple: to let people know that it was possible to provide high quality kosher food that is a wonderfully alive and rich taste experience.  Known for his sincerity, integrity, passion for food, calm under pressure, and attention to detail, Chef Daren is committed to making certain every Divine Providence meal deserves the name “Divine”.

In his downtime, Chef Daren enjoys fishing, singing, extreme sports, and spending time with his wife, three children, and extended family.